University of Western Ontario Data Sets q21 and q22

PATH // NIST Aerodynamic Database > UWO Data Sets > q21 and q22

Listing of available files (large files may take several hours to download):
Wind Direction Data Set q21: "Open Country" Exposure Data Set q22: "Suburban" Exposure
File NameFile Size File NameFile Size
(single ZIP file)
q21.zip975 MB q22.zip960 MB
0 º ADW050o200N032a0000.zip26.3 MB ADW050s200N032a0000.zip25.8 MB
5 º ADW050o200N032a0050.zip26.2 MB ADW050s200N032a0050.zip25.8 MB
10 º ADW050o200N032a0100.zip26.1 MB ADW050s200N032a0100.zip25.8 MB
15 º ADW050o200N032a0150.zip26 MB ADW050s200N032a0150.zip25.7 MB
20 º ADW050o200N032a0200.zip26 MB ADW050s200N032a0200.zip25.7 MB
25 º ADW050o200N032a0250.zip26 MB ADW050s200N032a0250.zip25.7 MB
30 º ADW050o200N032a0300.zip26.1 MB ADW050s200N032a0300.zip25.9 MB
35 º ADW050o200N032a0350.zip26.1 MB ADW050s200N032a0350.zip26 MB
40 º ADW050o200N032a0400.zip26.4 MB ADW050s200N032a0400.zip25.9 MB
45 º ADW050o200N032a0450.zip26.4 MB ADW050s200N032a0450.zip26.1 MB
50 º ADW050o200N032a0500.zip26.6 MB ADW050s200N032a0500.zip26.1 MB
55 º ADW050o200N032a0550.zip26.7 MB ADW050s200N032a0550.zip26.1 MB
60 º ADW050o200N032a0600.zip26.6 MB ADW050s200N032a0600.zip26.2 MB
65 º ADW050o200N032a0650.zip26.6 MB ADW050s200N032a0650.zip26.3 MB
70 º ADW050o200N032a0700.zip26.7 MB ADW050s200N032a0700.zip26.2 MB
75 º ADW050o200N032a0750.zip26.9 MB ADW050s200N032a0750.zip26.4 MB
80 º ADW050o200N032a0800.zip27 MB ADW050s200N032a0800.zip26.4 MB
85 º ADW050o200N032a0850.zip27.2 MB ADW050s200N032a0850.zip26.7 MB
90 º ADW050o200N032a0900.zip27.3 MB ADW050s200N032a0900.zip26.7 MB
95 º ADW050o200N032a0950.zip27.3 MB ADW050s200N032a0950.zip26.6 MB
100 º ADW050o200N032a1000.zip27.1 MB ADW050s200N032a1000.zip26.5 MB
105 º ADW050o200N032a1050.zip26.9 MB ADW050s200N032a1050.zip26.3 MB
110 º ADW050o200N032a1100.zip26.7 MB ADW050s200N032a1100.zip26.2 MB
115 º ADW050o200N032a1150.zip26.6 MB ADW050s200N032a1150.zip26.2 MB
120 º ADW050o200N032a1200.zip26.6 MB ADW050s200N032a1200.zip26.1 MB
125 º ADW050o200N032a1250.zip26.5 MB ADW050s200N032a1250.zip26 MB
130 º ADW050o200N032a1300.zip26.3 MB ADW050s200N032a1300.zip26 MB
135 º ADW050o200N032a1350.zip26.2 MB ADW050s200N032a1350.zip25.9 MB
140 º ADW050o200N032a1400.zip26.2 MB ADW050s200N032a1400.zip25.7 MB
145 º ADW050o200N032a1450.zip25.9 MB ADW050s200N032a1450.zip25.6 MB
150 º ADW050o200N032a1500.zip25.9 MB ADW050s200N032a1500.zip25.4 MB
155 º ADW050o200N032a1550.zip25.6 MB ADW050s200N032a1550.zip25.4 MB
160 º ADW050o200N032a1600.zip25.6 MB ADW050s200N032a1600.zip25.3 MB
165 º ADW050o200N032a1650.zip25.7 MB ADW050s200N032a1650.zip25.3 MB
170 º ADW050o200N032a1700.zip25.5 MB ADW050s200N032a1700.zip25.2 MB
175 º ADW050o200N032a1750.zip25.7 MB ADW050s200N032a1750.zip25.3 MB
180 º ADW050o200N032a1800.zip25.7 MB ADW050s200N032a1800.zip25.3 MB