University of Western Ontario Data Sets m31 and m32

PATH // NIST Aerodynamic Database > UWO Data Sets > m31 and m32

Listing of available files (large files may take several hours to download):
Wind Direction Data Set m31: "Open Country" Exposure Data Set m32: "Suburban" Exposure
File NameFile Size File NameFile Size
(single ZIP file)
m31.zip1.42 GB m32.zip1.38 GB
180 º ADW300o100D032a1800.zip37.8 MB ADW300s100D032a1800.zip36.4 MB
185 º ADW300o100D032a1850.zip37.6 MB ADW300s100D032a1850.zip36.1 MB
190 º ADW300o100D032a1900.zip37.3 MB ADW300s100D032a1900.zip36.1 MB
195 º ADW300o100D032a1950.zip36.6 MB ADW300s100D032a1950.zip36.2 MB
200 º ADW300o100D032a2000.zip36.7 MB ADW300s100D032a2000.zip36.2 MB
205 º ADW300o100D032a2050.zip37.1 MB ADW300s100D032a2050.zip36.3 MB
210 º ADW300o100D032a2100.zip37.3 MB ADW300s100D032a2100.zip36.1 MB
215 º ADW300o100D032a2150.zip37.6 MB ADW300s100D032a2150.zip36.6 MB
220 º ADW300o100D032a2200.zip37.9 MB ADW300s100D032a2200.zip36.8 MB
225 º ADW300o100D032a2250.zip38.1 MB ADW300s100D032a2250.zip37.5 MB
230 º ADW300o100D032a2300.zip38.8 MB ADW300s100D032a2300.zip37.4 MB
235 º ADW300o100D032a2350.zip39.1 MB ADW300s100D032a2350.zip37.8 MB
240 º ADW300o100D032a2400.zip39.5 MB ADW300s100D032a2400.zip38.4 MB
245 º ADW300o100D032a2450.zip40.3 MB ADW300s100D032a2450.zip38.5 MB
250 º ADW300o100D032a2500.zip40.6 MB ADW300s100D032a2500.zip38.7 MB
255 º ADW300o100D032a2550.zip40.2 MB ADW300s100D032a2550.zip38.8 MB
260 º ADW300o100D032a2600.zip40.7 MB ADW300s100D032a2600.zip39.1 MB
265 º ADW300o100D032a2650.zip41.1 MB ADW300s100D032a2650.zip39.1 MB
270 º ADW300o100D032a2700.zip41.3 MB ADW300s100D032a2700.zip39.3 MB
275 º ADW300o100D032a2750.zip41 MB ADW300s100D032a2750.zip39.3 MB
280 º ADW300o100D032a2800.zip40.2 MB ADW300s100D032a2800.zip39.4 MB
285 º ADW300o100D032a2850.zip40 MB ADW300s100D032a2850.zip38.6 MB
290 º ADW300o100D032a2900.zip39.8 MB ADW300s100D032a2900.zip39 MB
295 º ADW300o100D032a2950.zip39.6 MB ADW300s100D032a2950.zip38.6 MB
300 º ADW300o100D032a3000.zip39.5 MB ADW300s100D032a3000.zip38.7 MB
305 º ADW300o100D032a3050.zip39.4 MB ADW300s100D032a3050.zip38.7 MB
310 º ADW300o100D032a3100.zip39.1 MB ADW300s100D032a3100.zip38.8 MB
315 º ADW300o100D032a3150.zip38.9 MB ADW300s100D032a3150.zip38.3 MB
320 º ADW300o100D032a3200.zip38.9 MB ADW300s100D032a3200.zip38.8 MB
325 º ADW300o100D032a3250.zip39.1 MB ADW300s100D032a3250.zip38.6 MB
330 º ADW300o100D032a3300.zip39.3 MB ADW300s100D032a3300.zip38.8 MB
335 º ADW300o100D032a3350.zip39.5 MB ADW300s100D032a3350.zip39.1 MB
340 º ADW300o100D032a3400.zip39.8 MB ADW300s100D032a3400.zip38.5 MB
345 º ADW300o100D032a3450.zip40.2 MB ADW300s100D032a3450.zip38.9 MB
350 º ADW300o100D032a3500.zip40.7 MB ADW300s100D032a3500.zip39.4 MB
355 º ADW300o100D032a3550.zip41.1 MB ADW300s100D032a3550.zip39.2 MB
360 º ADW300o100D032a3600.zip40.8 MB ADW300s100D032a3600.zip39.1 MB